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Friday, 19 July 2013

Blogging NEWS - Sprinkles of Style

Hello Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I've posted but I can assure you it's all been for a good reason and I just haven't had the time to come on here :(

I have missed reading all your lovely comments and keeping up to date with bloggers and their posts BUT I am now back!

I'm not back on here though as I have launched a new blog to allow more fashion posts and wonderful features for you beautiful readers!

I will be hosting GIVEAWAYS often and I will  be looking for guest writers too and if anyone wants to advertise on there you can! :)

Please check out my new blog and if you have any questions please email

Send through all your links, comments etc and I will check them out!

I really have missed you all so I would really appreciate it if you check out the new blog and I hope you all like it! :)

Have a lovely day guys, enjoy the lovely sunshine and see you on

Layla xxx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Simple Nail Stickers

As a lot of you know I LOVE my nail polishes and nail stickers but weirdly I've never actually talked about nail stickers on here.....why - I have NO idea!

I feel that although I always change my nail colours there are days when I get a little bored so nail stickers are a fun way to keep nails looking pretty.

I'm not talking tacky stickers...just the really small pretty ones like the one picture above!

Stickers are available everywhere but as I change my polish every other day ( I know...I like change) I buy cheap stickers which have actually worked better for me as they stick to the nail polish and won't come off until you remove it with nail polish remover....score! :)

How do you apply nail stickers?
It's so easy you can do it with your eyes closed!
Apply your nail polish and let it dry. 
Take your sticker with a tweezer or by hand and stick it to your nail - that's it! 

What colour are you wearing in the picture?
I'm wearing Essie - Tart Deco!

So - let me you love nail stickers??

Which ones do you use?

Let me know!

Layla xx

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Sunday, 30 June 2013

My trip to Versace!

I have to say I love fashion, I read all the latest magazines, print and online...I like staying up to date with 'trends' although I don't follow them...I like choosing my own style and wearing what I feel is comfortable for me.

I'm at my happiest when I'm in my jeans and a cute t-shirt or shorts and cute t-shirt!

I love my maxi dresses and short dresses when the sun is shining brightly or if I have to attend a special event but 9 times our of 10 you'll find me in jeans and cute shirts hahaha!

I feel there is so many way you can dress your jeans...the colours are now endless from neon to pastel, denim to black and is a big game and one I really enjoy playing!

A few days ago I visited Versace and I have fallen head over heels for this's right up my street with beautiful colours and styles.

The main colours as you can see in the photos are delicate lilacs, greens and golds...they just compliment each other so beautifully, I was walking round the store in was just so beautiful and calming.

I've never ever felt like that before but I could have easily spent ALL day just walking round and admiring each and every piece of clothing!

Every item pictured above is something I would wear...even the shoes with the huge heels!!

Every piece of clothing was even more beautiful than the last and each time I look at the photos I fall more and more in love with the collection!

There are so many things I want to mention and so many items I would have liked to photograph but it would be a really, REALLY long post!

You may be thinking there's nothing 'casual' pictured but you can easily team the lovely jeans with the classic white shirt and it would look casual!

There was a pair of jeans which had a distressed look which made them perfect for those casual days but they had a little edge to make them different which is what Versace is renowned for!

I want to hear your lovely voices on here....what do you think of this collection, what do you think of the colours and what do you think of Versace!?

I want to know!

Love Layla xxx


Friday, 28 June 2013

Hot Pink - Clutch Bag

So it's no secret that I love fashion, colours and sparkly things!

Don't mistake me for one of them girls that can spend hours in a!

 I actually hate looking through rails and shelves so what I've developed is a little technique and I just scan the shelves and rails until something stands out! Hahaha!

In TK MAXX a few days ago this beautiful clutch stood out for me! 
It was bright, cute and lovely with the statement holder which just gives it a unique look which I love!

I enjoy reading all the magazines and looking at the trends but I NEVER follow the trends...I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in!

If I'm off to an event then things may change slightly and I'll wear my heels and a lovely dress but I still like to feel comfortable!

Nothing is worse than seeing someone who can't walk in heels cause they're too high or in tops or leggings too tight or see-through....what's wrong with you!?!?

Anyway coming back to this gorgeous clutch it's ONLY £12.99!!!

So if you have a local TK MAXX near you I'd definitely recommend having a little look if you like this clutch!

What do you think?

Love or hate?

Layla xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Review: Revlon Lip Butters - Brown Sugar, Peach Parfait & Cupcake!

Revlon Lip Butters are a massive hit and it's no wonder why! 

When you see the colours in person you can really admire their beauty and richness, I love how you can apply a little amount and have a natural shine with a hint of colour or go over your lips a few times for a stronger look.

It's rare to find lipsticks that keep your lips feeling soft and nourished all day long but these really do! Sometimes I find after wearing a lipstick I'll smile and I'll want to apply a lip balm as they feel dry but with this I didn't get that feeling!

They don't last as long as I would like...after a cup of coffee I looked in the mirror and realised that the most of it had come off and needed to re-apply but I don't really mind that.....if you're they type of person who likes to apply a lipstick and not have to worry about it all day then this isn't for you....if you're like me and not too worried about having to re-apply throughout the day then definitely go out and buy the colours you love*

I received this a few months ago when I was kindly provided products from a PR company I had a meeting with and have only just gotten round to writing about them...I know it's so bad but I'm catching up!

I love all the colours although I don't normally wear browns so brown sugar wasn't something I'd normally be picking out but I can see myself wearing this in the summer when I tan, wearing no make-up other than 2 coats of mascara.....

I am in LOVE with Cupcake (how cute is the name) and Peach Parfait (doesn't it sound yummy) both are gorgeous colours and will suit all skin tones.

I'd wear Cupcake with a smoky eye and Peach Parfait during the day with simple eyeliner and mascara. They're both lovely and will just give your face a bit of colour.

Would I buy these in the future?
As much as I would love to I'm going to have to say no and if you scroll down a few sentences to the little * you'll see why....

If you've tried these lipsticks please let me know what you think, you can either comment or tweet me @layladbeauty and I will reply as soon as I see your tweet!

As always please feel free to share your links with me and fellow bloggers!

* Revlon is no longer cruelty free (I'm against animal testing and will NEVER understand why companies do this) so please bare that in mind if you are going to purchase after this review.

Layla xxx


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