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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Halloween, Pumpkins and Fun!

Hello guys!

Well I know it's been a while since I've posted BUT I wanted to share some photos with your from Halloween!

I found this amazing app on the iPhone called Vintique and it's perfect for editing photos and giving them a unique feel.

You can make photos look old, new, rainbow, you can add borders and lots more so it's really nice and handy! 

For lights and sparkles I like Lumie and PicFX but really I should start using a 'proper' camera instead of my phone hahahaha....but it's oh so handy and quite a good camera on the iPhone!! :)

Anyway here are some Halloween pictures....share yours too! 

I'll feature my favourite so get those photos in and share this with your friends! :)

Halloween Pumpkin! 
Halloween time..... :)


It's nice to make an effort for different holidays and buying cute things for the house!

Halloween Tree with a witch mask!

This is a pretty Halloween tree....not a christmas tree lol. It's black and has little halloween inspired decorations on it.....we added the mask to make it scarier hahaha!!

Home Decoration Ideas
This is just a gorgeous vase at the top of the stairs with branches which have little sparkly lights on it!
They're really big here in the UK and instantly change a room with the pretty lighting!

The broom is there only for the occasion hahaaha! 

Did you all have a wonderful Halloween?? Let me know and don't forget to send your photos through! :)

Layla xxx

Do you like the photos bigger or smaller??? 



  1. how vampire yourself totally checking out that app

  2. Oh the skeleton tree is great. I also love the simple broom decoration with light :)



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