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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Part 2 - Christmas is coming to London!!

Hey beauties!!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!

Here is Part 2 of the Christmassy London post!! :) 

I have one too many photos so need to split the post into several posts hahaha!!

Hope you enjoy :) xxx

Bike ride in London
So on the way to Leicester Square I decided to get onto the bike/carts you find around London!

It's a little bike and on the back a cart as you can see the one in front of mine! As it was me and my family we had to split up as there was too many of us to go in one cart!

One cart holds 3 people (squashed) haha and 2 comfortably!

It's £15 per cart but it was a lovely little ride! 

The man plugged in his iPod and Michael Jackson started playing....I think he liked Michael Jackson as the song was on repeat!! :)

Sorry about the blurry-ness...I was SO scared as I didn't want to drop my phone so was clinging to it and these were the best photos haha!

Trying to take photos without dropping my phone hahaha!

Tommy Hilfiger - LONDON

Tommy Hilfiger store in London! :)

This is London....Lights, people  and traffic haha! 

Leicester Square

Once we were in Leicester Square I decided to take this picture as I quite liked the pretty colours and building!

Hot Chocolate

The first hot chocolate of the evening in Leicester Square!! :)

Yep I had another hot chocolate and some sweeties too but that's all in the next couple of posts! 

Make sure you check back soon as there will be more Christmassy London Posts!!! :) 

Lots of Love!

Layla xxx


  1. I so want to come to London for a visit

    1. It's lovely...especially this time of the year with all the pretty lights and christmassy feeling!! xxx


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