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Sunday, 6 January 2013

MAC - Apres Chic Spring 2013 Collection

I know I haven't been very good lately as I've been blogging more about Christmas, holidays and chocolates BUT I can safely say that I am back and will be bringing you lots of wonderful reviews, new product launches and new collections!!


I have a box of samples and products which I've been sent so 2013 will be FILLED with reviews!! :)

*Dances even more*

NOW I have some gorgeous news about MAC Cosmetics Apres Collection which is a gorgeous collection for Spring 2013!

The colours are beautiful, golden and warm so everyone will look gorgeous with these colours as it'll warm your face and make you look healthier!

Here is a shot of the 'MAC Apres Collection


As you can see the colours are quite warm, bronze and deep which I would wear more for Autumn instead of spring....for me spring is all about fun and colour and getting ready for summer....but oh well :)

Are you looking forward to this collection?? 
Will you be buying a few colours of will you be looking at alternative brands and seeing what they have to offer?

Let me know!

Layla xxx

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  1. I like those blush colours, I see that their brushes are going quite dual fibered and teklon fibre like the Real Techniques have.
    Might have to do a compasison on these

    Check me out at


    1. The colours do look lovely especially the blush as they're warm and will give you a healthy glow!! x

  2. I went into a Mac store kiosk yesterday and was actually mesmerized by all the colors it was kind of fun looking around. Looking for ward to the reviews and did you change you blog look or am i losing my mind.

    1. I love visiting different stands and stalls as you get to see the colours closely and put them on the back of your hand to see what the colour will be's all fun! :)

      The colours do look really lovely and I may have to try a couple to write up and review!

      Yeah I need to take a picture of the box of goodies I have waiting to be tried and tested!! year, new blog look! Hopefully new blog followers too hahaha! xxx


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