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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The cutest iPhone Cases EVER!! iGlamCases - Etsy store!

So technology just keeps getting better and better and nowadays there doesn't seem to be one person who doesn't have a phone....even my little nephew who is 8 has a phone!!

When Blackberry brought out their was all anyone spoke about and I must have been about 15 at the time....I remember really wanting one but couldn't afford it so a couple of years later got my first ever Blackberry which was a curve!

I loved it and wanted to make it look pretty so I would stick little pearls and stones on it which I ended up regretting as I couldn't remove them hahaha!

Fast forward to today I have gone through 2 Blackberries and now use a beautiful, sleek iPhone! my life wouldn't be complete without you....emails, calls, twitter,'s brilliant and fast!

But what makes an iPhone EVEN better??? A cute case!

You can't have an iPhone without a cute case....not only does it protect the phone but you also look really cool and stylish....changing phone cases is probably easier than changing your nail polish (seriously)

There are so many colours and styles to choose from it really is endless!

A few days ago I started chatting to the wonderful Shonae from iglamcases.....she creates really beautiful, fun cases for iPhones, Galaxy phones, HTC, Captivate, Glide and LOTS more so make sure you tell her which phone you would like her to create a case for!

You can view her etsy shop (link below) and browse through some gorgeous ready-made cases which are in stock or you can email Shonae and ask for a custom made case.

Just make sure you let her know what you would like and she'll  get back to you and send you a little example before she gets to work!

Here are some examples!

Pretty Fairy & Pearl iPhone case - iGlamCases

Hello Kitty iPhone Case - iGlamCases

Rainbow Teddy iPhone case - iGlamCases

Princess Carriage/ LV iPhone Case - iGlamCases

Makeup MAC, Marilyn Monroe iPhone Case - iGlamCases

Cookie, Biscuit iPhone Case - iGlamCases


I'm completely in LOVE with these beautiful cases and the best thing is Shonae ships internationally so all my readers from the US, UK, Europe you can buy from iGlamCases and get a gorgeous case right to your front door!

All you need to do is visit

Everything comes packaged in a cute little bag and I will be able to show you this in a few weeks as Shonae will be sending me through a gorgeous case (thank you so, so much for that) so I'll be writing another post with my own case...yay! 

I'll go through ALL the details, how it arrived and how my phone looks in it's new case so make sure you check back!

BUT in the meantime please visit Shonae's Etsy Store and have a look...gorgeous cases for various phones which are completely unique and AFFORDABLE!!

Here are all the links to view the cases and get in touch with Shonae!



Do you love cute phone cases??

Let me know what you think!!

Layla xxx


  1. I want the black one with the Cinderella carriage i love that and the one with all the yummy desserts

    1. Haha! It's gorgeous....make sure you check out her Etsy page...she ships everywhere!! xxx

  2. They are more like eatable iPhone cases than just show offs. I like all of them. What is their individual pricelist?

    1. Hi Allan, you can find all the prices and whats in stock by clicking this link ->


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