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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Grove Hotel - Healthy Smoothies and Chocolate Brownies!!

Just before Christmas I had a wonderful appointment at one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever been to....The Grove!

Each time I go to The Grove I always feel calm and at ease...everyone who works there is extra polite, the coffee is gorgeous each time and there's a wonderful Alcohol-free raspberry sorbet which is just beautiful!

This time though I went to the spa and when you go to The Grove you understand just how posh it is....people hold the door open for you, people take your car and park it for's actually a little strange to get used to other people doing things for you!

Anyway a lovely man drove me round to their spa (yes it is THAT big) and as soon as I walked in I felt even more calm!

I went to the little sitting area (all pictured below) and drank a gorgeous (healthy) smoothie which came with complimentary shortcake (unhealthy) and then I ordered a brownie (unhealthy) with ice cream (unhealthy) and some lime/orange jelly thing (weird) and I ate it all......oops!

Anyway you can all feel like you were with me as I took pictures to share with you :) 

The Grove 

Decorations at The Grove 

The Spa area at The Grove 

The healthy smoothies - The Grove 

The complimentary shortcake biscuit

The unhealthy but yummy dessert! The Grove

As you can see the hotel is beautiful!

If you want to see more just 'google' The Grove and check it's super-luxurious and posh but once you go there you'll never want to leave....I could live there hahaha!!
(Actually I couldn't...I'd miss my lovely house)

Have you been somewhere like this and loved it??
 Did you eat unhealthy but scrumptious brownies and ice cream and then drink a really healthy smoothie to make up for it??

Tell me!! :)

Layla xxx



  1. So beautiful! And the desserts look delicious mmm!

  2. so pretty we do this when we go to Disney we have dinner at the Grand Floridan Hotel it's gorgeous. So happy you got to enjoy this

    1. Thanks! :) It's lovely to find a hotel you love and feel at ease in...once you find somewhere you like, you'll keep going back!! I've just googled Grand Floridian and that looks GOREGOUS!!

      I want to come on holiday now hahahaha!!! xxx


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