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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Love jewellery?? Love Rose Mae Jewellery!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE jewellery!

To me jewellery is just as important as the rest of your clothes.....if you get your jewellery / accessories wrong then your whole outfit is dead!

Accessories and jewellery add touches of individuality to your can mix and match colours, mix and match bangles, mix your earrings, stack on the rings, layer necklaces....the list really is endless with what you can do with jewellery.

Take a simple outfit - Black t-shirt and Black Trousers. You can change this look from one day to the next all from the accessories.

Go for a rock-chic look and layer lots of long necklaces, stack on bracelets, wear statement rings and add some high heels and a hat if you like.

Next day go for a delicate, sweet, girly look. Wear flat sparkle shoes, delicate chain bracelets and a simple necklace. 

2 days, two completely different looks!

Anyway getting back to the point...imagine my JOY when I received an incredible parcel from Lisa Hetherington (ROSE MAE JEWELLERY) with gorgeous bracelets inside!!!


ALL the pieces are handmade using plated metals, semi-precious and glass beads meaning that each piece is unique and may vary in size, tone and finish.

Rose Mae Jewellery

The presentation of your parcel is probably one of the best I've seen in a long time...each set of jewellery is packed in a little Organza bag with a little card telling you the brand, about the pieces and how to look after your jewellery.

Rose Mae Jewellery - Care guide

Rose Mae Jewellery will make really lovely gift ideas for someone so if you know a fashion / accessories lover then this is something for them!

Rose Mae Jewellery - Skull & Dragonfly - White, Black and Green

Rose Mae Jewellery - Skull Bracelets - Black and Green

Rose Mae Jewellery - Dragonfly Bracelets - Green and White

Rose Mae Jewellery - Dragonfly & Skull Bracelet - Turquoise

Rose Mae Jewellery - Skull and Dragonfly - Purple, Amethyst 

As you can see the colours of these bracelets are incredibly beautiful.

I LOVE turquoise and I LOVE purple and I think you can definitely mix and match the two, stack them together or wear them one by one!

Knowing that each piece has been handmade makes these bracelets even more special as you know that someone has sat down and taken the time to craft this beautiful piece of me that makes all the difference!

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Lisa Hetherington who sent me these really means a lot to me to get sent so many gorgeous bracelets....I am extremely lucky and do not take anything for granted not do I expect things to be sent to me because I blog.

I appreciate each and every single item which is sent to me so thank you very much Lisa!!! xx

Where to find Rose Mae Jewellery - Contact

You can find Rose Mae Jewellery in various stores in the UK which you can see in the picture above but just to make it easier I've also listed everything below for you!

Havetolove - Newcastle Upon Tyne
Havetolove's direct link to Rose Mae Jewellery page click HERE

Elan Boutique - Darlington, Co Durham

Gwyneth & Grey - Guernsey

Make sure you check out Rose Mae Jewellery's Facebook page by clicking HERE
(You can find out about new launches and keep up to date)

If you would like to contact Lisa Hetherington with any enquiries about the jewellery you can email her 

Let me know your thoughts on these beautiful bracelets!!

Do you love stacking your bracelets together?
Wear them separately or mix and match!?!?!

Let me know in the comment section below!!

Layla xxxx

P.S - You will DEFINITELY see these bracelets again so make sure you check back AND Rose Mae Jewellery is launching a website soon so I'll be giving you more details on that!!
Exciting!! :)


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  1. Fabulous thank you Layla your feature is great. I will be in touch with further details about the website launch xxx

    1. Bless you!! It's been an absolute pleasure!! Of course....stay in touch! I can't wait to see the new website!!! :) xxx

  2. Layla, its really very awesome. Your jewellery looks very Chic. And i too liked the way you packed them.

    1. Hello Serena,

      Thank you for your comment. I don't make the jewellery! The lovely Lisa Hetherington makes the jewellery and the brand is Rose Mae Jewellery!

      They're truly gorgeous piece though and the packaging is wonderful!



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