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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Colourful Clutch Bags! Fashion time!!

I thought I'd make this post quite cute and colourful and steer it away from make-up and direct it to FASHION!!!!

To me fashion is one of those things that you can't really set a rule on, if you like something and feel comfortable then just wear it.

Don't let people tell you they don't like your clothes or that top you're wearing because something you like other people will can't please everyone.

I love trying out different looks and styles and if someone says they don't like what I wear I just say 'Did I ask you?' hahahaha - that's right.....if you like something then YOU wear it!!!

There are no limits to fashion anymore, people are always trying new things, new colours, new styles and sometimes things that shouldn't look good together really, really do!

SO have fun, accessories, wear colour and do wear what you love!

Don't follow trends, set them!!

Anyway I was having a little look online and found these two gorgeous clutch bags, I just love their colours and it's time like this when I really want it to be sunny.....when the sun comes out to play everyone is happier and I automatically want to wear colour, it's like a switch hahaha!!

Selfish Turquoise clutch bag

Lime clutch bag

Agh, it's colours like these which makes me miss summer!

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love winter and get to snuggle up in gorgeous coats and add splashes of colour here and there but I just feel in the summer I come alive and all the colour monsters slept during winter and once they see sun they just go mad!!

I tell you, I'm like a rainbow in the summer bahaha!!!

Sometimes I like to wear white denim shorts with a colourful vest top, other times I love to wear neon shorts with a clashing neon top and one of these clutch bags would look incredible with that!!

So beauties....tell me!

Can you wait for summer?
Do you wear more colour when the wonderful sun comes out to play?

Love these clutch bags??

Let me know!!

Layla xxx

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Layla x


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