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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cute Offices, Inspiration & Decoration For Your Home!!

When you want to re-decorate or get ideas for designs in your home the first place we all go to is google BUT if we step outside the box we should also reach for magazines and think what colours and places we feel most comfortable and happy in.

Inspiration comes to me from everywhere and I'd like to share a few things to look out for when thinking about designs, colours and textures. 

  • Have a favourite flower in your garden? Take a picture of it on a sunny day and then blow up the picture to use as a wallpaper for a statement wall or to use in a big frame on a plain wall.
  • Love the colours of the sunset? Pick out your favourite colour/s and use that in a room you want to re-decorate.
  • Love an old photo frame or has something been passed down through your family? Go to a vintage store or charity store and look for accessories which are similar and place them on a shelf.
Litte things like this can be used to create a room which is truly unique to who you are and best of all you'll have things in there which mean something to you and can't be found elsewhere!

Here are a few pictures which I found on the internet for cute office designs.....I think a lot of you will like :)

Cute Office Ideas

Here you can see the pink and flower scheme has been followed. 
Little pink accessories and flowers compliment the statement flower on the wall with the green and white complimenting each other.

It's simple things like this that can bring a room together but adding a few personal touches would make this room even better!

Cute Office Supplies And Accessories

Keep things tidy by purchasing filing systems but look at the quirky statement feature which can also be used for notes, letters and pictures which are inspiring and wonderful for your working day.

Simple, unique pieces make a room.

I hope that this has helped you in some way if you are looking for decoration ideas and tips....just think outside the box and look for inspiration is inspiration so open your eyes, look at things and take in their'll be surprised at what you see!

Have fun and let me know!!

Layla xxx

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