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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fashion Trends: Own The Runway Grey Cut Out Shoulder Blouse - Outfit of the day! Fashion time!!

Hey lovely readers!!

I hope you're all well and enjoying the posts!!

As I've mentioned in my last few posts I'm going to start writing more about fashion as you seemed to enjoy the pastel clutch collection which I shared with you a few days ago!!

You can read that HERE 

I just want to write more and offer you a variety of things to read so if you have any requests, would like some advice, want skincare/make-up advice, fashion advice etc, etc then please email me!!

Anyway I still find it a little strange that companies send me clothes and make-up to wear and feature on my blog so imagine how excited I was when I received a parcel....I had absolutely no idea what it was and I opened it to find a lovely blouse from Own The Runway!!!

Now you may have seen some of my posts about Own the runway pieces and I have to say I love their'll find some unique items which you won't see on the high street which I quite like!

I tend to pick clothes that you won't find everywhere....I prefer being unique and wearing what I like and what I feel comfortable in rather the following trends.....don't get me wrong I read the fashion magazines but I like seeing what colours and textures they feature....not what fashion I should be following!

Here are a couple of snaps of the gorgeous blouse...there is a link directing you to the products AND Own the runway below all the pictures!!

Enjoy :)

Own the runway grey shirt cut out shoulder detail

Own the runway blouse 

Simple Vintage-Style Brooch

Cute peep style shoes with a strap design

What I'm wearing

(The little accessory I added is a simple brooch which my mum bought a couple of years ago, I feel like it adds a different feel to the blouse but by all means you can keep a few buttons open...I'm just here to show you different options ha)

The shirt is £22.99 and you can purchase the shirt by clicking HERE

The size I got sent is a size 10 and as you can see it's quite loose on me and may even look a tad baggy but I like my clothes to be loose and comfortable rather than tight and not being able to breathe haha!

My jeans are from Next and I bought them about a year ago, from the top of my head I think they were about £25.

My shoes are SO comfortable and cute...they are from Dorothy Perkins and they were priced at £40 I think...yes I bought them a year ago too! :)

I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Own The Runway for sending me this shirt...I really do like it, it's so easy and comfortable to wear and the shoulder cut out detail is a really lovely statement.

When the weather gets a little nicer I'll be wearing with white denim shorts, white vest top and this open and loose over the top with my hair in a bun....I think it'll look adorable!!

Let me know what you think and make sure you visit own the runway for gorgeous, affordable clothes!!! :)

(You can also hype this look on lookbook!)
Layla xx

P.S - It was a VERY cold day!! :)


  1. what a cute blouse i love it

    1. It's a lovely blouse, comfy to wear and so cute with the cut out shoulders! It just adds a touch of fun to it! :)


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