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Monday, 18 March 2013

Own The Runway - Russian Doll Jacket

I love quirky clothes and I think this jacket from Own the Runway is absolutely adorable and quite unique!

It's a Russian Doll bomber-style jacket which I think will easily take you from these winter-ish days to spring and light summer days.

Wear it with a plain pair of jeans and top and this can be your statement, your colour, your accessory which brings an outfit together.

When the weather gets a little bit warmer wear white denim shorts, black vest top and this jacket on top with a pair of flip flops, cute, fashionable and fun!

Russian Doll Bomber Jacket - Own The Runway
What do you think??? 

I think the colours and the style of it is really cute....maybe the faces might scare some people who don't really like faces on their clothes but if you're not too bothered and love colour make sure you make a home in your wardrobe!!

Make sure you check out what other gorgeous items you can find on Own the Runway...I have a VERY special piece coming soon about Own the Runway which I'm extremely excited about!!

Check out Own The Runway

Affordable, fun and cute pieces which you'll love!!

Let me know what you think!

Layla xx

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