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Friday, 1 March 2013

Wedding Rings & Accessories!

Well spring is on the way and that means that the wedding season is upon us!!

Which girl doesn't love talking about weddings?? 
I think we all love it and at some point we have or will think about our dream wedding and how we would like it.

A wedding is one of life's milestone events, from engagement right down down to the reception of you wedding.
 It's YOUR moment to stand out and shine.

Even some women who aren't up to 'beautifying' themselves will as it's one of the most beautiful days. Having your nails, hair and makeup done by professionals will make each and every girl feel like a princess.

We all know accessories bring an outfit together so sparkly diamonds are the perfect choice for a wedding day as they will complete your look and leave you feeling like a million dollars.
(Oh my little mind is thinking abut diamonds now hahaha)

What accessories should you choose and why??
 Here are a few tips below.

Headwear is becoming a big trend, brides seem to be skipping the veil and wearing a cute flower headband and sometimes even a hat!

Me personally? I'll be keeping the veil!! :)

Little Extras.

Normally the focus is on your beautiful wedding dress and sparkling ring but delicate earrings and a lovely necklace definitely compliment brides especially when they catch the light and you get a rainbow of colour from the sparkles.

A lot of brides tend to match their jewellery with the colours from the bridesmaid dresses, (you can find gorgeous bridesmaids dresses from M&S) others keep it simple and match their own dress....the choice is up to you!

Either way you will look and feel beautiful on one of the most special days of your life.

Remember ladies: This moment is an occasion for you and the love of your life to glow, be happy, smile and forget the stresses of life and share your love for one another.

Let me know girls!!
Are you married? 
Planning to get married?

Will you be picking different jewellery and accessories or staying simple and traditional??

Let me know!!

Layla xxx


  1. Wow. I like the picture of the rings. They are so gorgeous. My wedding ring is just a simple band with no stone but I like it. It symbolizes the love my husband and I share for over 10 years now. I like looking at unique wedding rings UK so that I can give my husband a hint that I like having one on our anniversary.


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