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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Get the look - Biker Chic

Get the look - Biker Chic

Yep, more from Polyvore hahaha!

I love experimenting with different looks and colours, it's so much fun and feel like this is the best way to express how you're feeling during the day.

Colour says a lot about a person as I've seen it from myself, if I'm not too happy I won't wear too much colour and if I'm happy I'll wear bright colours - especially in the summer!

My nails, they're another story - I always wear colour hahaha!

I put this look together on Polyvore as I think it's really cute and you can change it from the day to an evening look....especially during the spring/early summer.
Just take off the biker jacket and you have your lovely red blazer to take you through that evening, lovely if you're attending a party for some drinks on a rooftop in London somewhere.......SUMMER HURRY!!!

What do you think of this look??


Let me know!

Layla xxx


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