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Sunday, 30 June 2013

My trip to Versace!

I have to say I love fashion, I read all the latest magazines, print and online...I like staying up to date with 'trends' although I don't follow them...I like choosing my own style and wearing what I feel is comfortable for me.

I'm at my happiest when I'm in my jeans and a cute t-shirt or shorts and cute t-shirt!

I love my maxi dresses and short dresses when the sun is shining brightly or if I have to attend a special event but 9 times our of 10 you'll find me in jeans and cute shirts hahaha!

I feel there is so many way you can dress your jeans...the colours are now endless from neon to pastel, denim to black and is a big game and one I really enjoy playing!

A few days ago I visited Versace and I have fallen head over heels for this's right up my street with beautiful colours and styles.

The main colours as you can see in the photos are delicate lilacs, greens and golds...they just compliment each other so beautifully, I was walking round the store in was just so beautiful and calming.

I've never ever felt like that before but I could have easily spent ALL day just walking round and admiring each and every piece of clothing!

Every item pictured above is something I would wear...even the shoes with the huge heels!!

Every piece of clothing was even more beautiful than the last and each time I look at the photos I fall more and more in love with the collection!

There are so many things I want to mention and so many items I would have liked to photograph but it would be a really, REALLY long post!

You may be thinking there's nothing 'casual' pictured but you can easily team the lovely jeans with the classic white shirt and it would look casual!

There was a pair of jeans which had a distressed look which made them perfect for those casual days but they had a little edge to make them different which is what Versace is renowned for!

I want to hear your lovely voices on here....what do you think of this collection, what do you think of the colours and what do you think of Versace!?

I want to know!

Love Layla xxx



  1. everything looks so perfect!! Love this post xo

  2. Everything is gorgeous! I especially like the purple and green flat sandals, so cute! Rachel xxx

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  4. I'm also following FashionLook - wonderful


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