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Monday, 17 June 2013

What's happening with GFC?? (Google Friend Connect)

I have absolutely NO idea what's happening with GFC (Google Friend Connect) I've heard so many rumours that it'll be vanishing soon *sob* BUT I've also heard that this is just Google's sly way of getting it to become more popular!?

Either way I don't know why Google want to remove's something us bloggers have worked to increase so to suddenly see that you're followers have gone in an instant is kinda sad! :(

Which is why I've decided to write this post for you lovelies so IF google does take away the beloved GFC you can follow me in all these places I've listed below!

Feel free to share your links in the comments, if you have any questions tweet me and make sure you follow me on Instagram too....i'm always looking for lovely pictures to 'like'! :)

This is new to me but it's growing on me - fast!
I love how you can download the app on your phone & iPad meaning you can take your lovely bloggers with you and read about them as and when you want - yay!!

If there are any tech savvy people out there - how do I edit my photo without connecting to my Facebook page!? 

I LOVE twitter and LOVE retweeting and tweeting people so if you have ANY questions or would like ANY makeup/skincare/fashion advice I'm here!!! :)

Finally my beloved instagram....I didn't like you in the beginning because I didn't understand you but now I LOVE you !
There's hardly ever a day when I won't post a photo of my clothes, makeup or lovely coffee and cakes.....

There you have it!!

If GFC leaves us please feel free to follow me on ANY of the above!
 I'm looking for new people to follow and 'like' photos etc! :)

You can follow me by just clicking the header on each one as I've linked them through to make things easy!

Remember to list your comments and links below lovelies!

Layla xx


  1. Love this one! :) maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and follow by blog!

    You can also like my Facebook page.

    I will follow you back! :)

  2. it's the pits not sure why they are doing it either but I made sure not to lose you and followed by bloglovin. let's hope we don't see any more changes soon.

    1. Oooh thank you!! Whats your bloglovin details!? I'll follow you! :)

      I don't know why they do it either...if they do it! It's a shame to see such a lovely widget leave....after all we are all trying to build it only for it to be taken away in an instance!

      Layla xx

  3. I never new gfc was going to be cancelled!
    I agree we work hard to keep our followers! So on that note I've followed your twitter and Instagram.
    It would be good if you do the same!
    Suz x

    1. Hi Susan!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

      Yeah, it's a rumour going round so i think it's best to be prepared than to not be!

      Followed you too! :)

      Layla xxx

  4. i know its so annoying if its goes booooo

    1. I know - it's awful! If I'm not mistaken I think it's leaving us on Monday :( xxx

  5. I cant believe they are taking GFC away but i have followed you on it just in case and Blogluvin too
    New followers
    Carrieanne & Lisa x

    1. I know - it's such a shame! All bloggers take time to build up their followers and it'll just go in an instant! :( xx


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